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Which Motives Nail Candy polish should I wear tonight?

December 31, 2009

My obsession with Motives continues.

The brand recently came out with a line of gorgeous nail polish shades, or Nail Candy, and sent me a few to try.

Motives' new Nail Candy polishes

I preemptively decided I’m going to go straight for the magenta nail polish, considering my current preference for everything magenta. But after trying them all, I’m actually having a hard time deciding which one I want to wear for NYE.

Not that I care about NYE. NYE stresses me out sometimes. But I still want pretty nails. So, I kinda need your help:

Color: I believe in UFO's

Color: I'm a Vamp

Color: First Kiss

Here’s what I love about each:

  • I BELIEVE IN UFO’S (magenta) – Really feeling magenta right now in general, and this color is fun and festive…like NYE is supposed to be?
  • I’M A VAMP (burgundy) – This is so warm and winter-appropriate — and kind of makes me feel all sophisticated and grown up.
  • FIRST KISS (opal pink) – I normally gravitate towards these lighter, neutral colors for nails. This pink is has that pretty, opalescent finish.
  • Which one do you think I should wear tonight?

    Check out all the Nail Candy colors — they’re only $5.25 each!


    3 thoughts on “Which Motives Nail Candy polish should I wear tonight?

    1. fatima

      the magenta is a fav with everyone coz u painted your nails starting at the cuticle which make it look el awesomo!!!!!!!!


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