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Nars Copacabana: Hello, bright eyes

January 4, 2010

nars20copacabana If you notice a lot of celebs like Jennifer Lopez always have that “ring of brightness” around their eyes that make them look so dewy and young on the red carpet. It’s a mix of the right concealer (though this can be tricky if you go too light — it will look way to obvious in pics), and a great translucent highlighter.

Jennifer Lopez Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Enter Nars The Multiple in Copacabana.

It looks purplish silver in the dispenser, but it leaves a beautiful translucent sheen to highlight around your eyes or on your cheekbones. Nothing too glittery, which I really like. The reason it’s called “The Multiple” is because the texture is just so great that you can use it almost anywhere it’s needed on your face — even to make your lips look fuller by adding a little shine right in the middle.

For me, I use this particular product one of two ways which I attempted to illustrate here:


Follow the purple lines to get that bright-eyed look. Always add a little to the inner corners of your eyes to make them look bigger (even if you don’t have this product, you can do this with a white or silver eyeshadow!).

To highlight your cheekbones, apply Copacabana following the yellow lines.

The reason I do one or the other is you don’t want to end up looking like a discoball; but if you’re going for a night out and do apply sparingly, you can probably get away with applying it both, the inner corners of your eyes and cheekbones.

Another tip, I always apply just a little translucent powder around my eyes before applying this because I have had times where it gathers in lines later on at night. It might take a little practice to perfect, but it’s now an essential part of my makeup bag.

So, it costs $37, but so so worth it because it lasts forever and ever. Great for parties or just a pick-me-up in case you have a case of tired face….I know ALL about tired face.


7 thoughts on “Nars Copacabana: Hello, bright eyes

  1. sidrah

    oooh i love this!! i have the multiple in maldives. i think its a discontinued color now. i use it on cheekbones and lips. might be too bright for tear duct thing but i definitely wanna try that.

  2. Hajera Azam

    it might be on the floor. i didnt use it i swear. i just saw it drop and i never picked it up.

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