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Misfortune at Lucky’s Famous Burgers in Chelsea

January 5, 2010

Cheeseburger from Lucky's

My burger-fiend friend reviewed another place for us — Lucky’s Famous Burgers in Chelsea. His thoughts:

This place is funky with its red and yellow painted walls. It’s really bright too — but like, not in a good way. The 5 LCD TV’s were all turned on way louder than necessary.

I ordered a cheeseburger with jalapenos and my friend got the regular cheeseburger. The burgers look good, but the meat was kinda rubbery…like it was old or something. Although they claim it’s fresh. Maybe it was just overcooked — it was supposed to be done medium.

I think Shake Shack is way better and I don’t even like Shake Shack all that much. Also the fries weren’t that great. We even tried all the different sauces. The chipotle mayo was liquidy. They had a bunch of special sauces like “lucky’s sauce.”

Just very meh, overall. And instead of a cute waitress, some big guy served us. Not cool.

Cheeseburger, $6; Fries, $3

Restaurant Info:
Lucky’s Famous Burgers

264 West 23rd Street
btw 7th and 8th Ave


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