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Café Grumpy in Chelsea made me feel…

January 6, 2010

Well. Grumpy.

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I was so psyched when I was directed to Café Grumpy to meet a friend. First of all, how cute is the name?? “Meet me at Café Grumpy.” I don’t know, I think it sounds…cute. And paired with the mad-face logo, and enticing photos on their website, thought it would be this wonderful, tucked away gem on 20th St.

Photo Credit: Cafe Grumpy

After walking one avenue and six streets up in the 25°F weather, I wanted nothing more than to just have that warm cup of coffee in my hands. At Café Grumpy. So cute.

I was late (typical), and my friend, Mona, said she was just about to do some work, but they had a “no laptops” policy. I wouldn’t have expected less from a place named Grumpy. I thought it was kind of nice though — a strictly social cafe. Perfect for catching up. Only I didn’t realize they were closing up in ten minutes at 9pm.

I ordered a latte to go, which took some time for the barista to make. I was still so excited for my hot drink that would have a pretty design in the thin layer of foam just like the pictures on their website. It did look pretty — only it wasn’t hot. It was barely lukewarm. I would have asked him to warm it up, but they were closing and I didn’t want to be annoying.

Coldish coffee is one thing — this didn’t even taste good. As in, my stomach felt funny afterwards. As in, maybe the milk wasn’t good? As in, so not worth the $3.50.

BUT, I’ve read that the original outpost in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is supposed to be 10x better — apparently one of the best coffeehouses in NYC. Sad that the Chelsea one was so disappointing this time. There was still a whole menu of roasts that I thought I maybe should have tried instead. Maybe because it was closing time and the barista, who was actually really nice, was probably just rushed which lead to a subpar latte.

Whatever the case, my stomach still feels funny. So not cute.

Café Info:
Café Grumpy

224 West 20th St.
Btw 7th and 8th Ave.
New York, NY 10011


8 thoughts on “Café Grumpy in Chelsea made me feel…

  1. Farah Hatia

    Hmmm…bad milk or not, I don’t think I can psss up going with Mr. Grumpy himself, if you know what I mean 😉

  2. horkat

    also: yeah, i got cocoa there (cuz i dont drink coffee) and it wasnt that great. they didnt have chai, which bummed me out. cute place in theory!
    also: WHAT IS UP with all of the indie W. Village coffee shops closing at 8pm (Grounded) or 9pm (Paradise, Grumpy). Do they want Starbucks to win?!
    On a sidenote: Shy, you need to go to this place called The Roast or The Plant or something. It’s on the SW corner of Greenwich Ave & 7th Ave.
    Get their apple pie steamed drink. Yummm! xo

  3. shyema Post author

    Katie, I know re: early closings. I even said we should probably just go to Starbucks. Sad. I will try The Roast.

    Marie, haha, it’s OK — at least we know…at least we know…

    PS. How do you get a picture on your profile?? Doesn’t work for me!

  4. shyema Post author

    Haha Farah — oh i KNOW Mr. Grumpy…as well as your love for anything coffee :). Let me know how it goes if you do stop by here…

  5. Mona

    As bad as the Mr. Grump closing early/no laptops allowed was, my grumpiness disappeared when we got to hangout Shyema! :)

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