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Instant eyebrow lift with Benefit High Brow

January 7, 2010

Benefit's High Brow

This is another one of my favorite products ever ever: Benefit High Brow.

You use this thick pencil to add just a little lightness right under your eyebrow to “lift” the eye and highlight your brow bone. The color is very matte and easy to blend.

It should be very subtle. For example, can you see the little line of brightness right under the brow in this picture of Nicole Sherzinger?

So yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.

Just apply right under your brow, and use your finger to smudge it out like so:

Hm. Picture of my eye after Nicole Sherzinger’s = very bad idea.

Anyway. More tips on highlighting your brow bone:

– Make sure your eyebrows are cleaned up and there are no stray hairs to get the best results. And uh you don’t have to necessarily judge me for mine in the pics above…since that was just for demo purposes..yeah.

– Smudge until there are no obvious lines or streaks. It should look subtle and blended.

– If you don’t have an eye pencil like this, you can substitute with a matte white eye shadow; for parties or night time, use shadows with shine or shimmers. Though, I prefer this pencil over shadows since it has more staying power with a more creamy, thicker texture.

Psssss…Good news is Benefit is having a limited-time only sale RIGHT NOW with products up to 70% off!
Bad news is, High Brow isn’t in the mix, and their tangerine-gold highlighter equivalent, Gilded, is out of stock…sad face. Thought you all would still like the heads-up for money saving opportunities!


One thought on “Instant eyebrow lift with Benefit High Brow

  1. melissa

    I find that the pink pencil by Trish MacEvoy is MUCH better because it is a bit more creamy and, therefore, much easier to blend. Trust me!!! Try them both to see!!

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