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The most Amazing Avatar makeup tutorial ever – glowpinkstah

January 8, 2010

I just DIED when I watched this YouTuber glowpinkstah give her version of how to do an Avatar-inspired makeup tutorial.

I haven’t even seen Avatar yet, but I’m sure you can appreciate this even more if you have.

Ok I wanna know what you’re thinking…because seriously, like for real, I just want to be her friend.


5 thoughts on “The most Amazing Avatar makeup tutorial ever – glowpinkstah

  1. Tina Chaudhary

    OMG this girl (she calls herself Chola Girl) is a youtube celeb! She’s so funny and should be an actress. She was on George Lopez Tonight last night… giving Sandra Buillock a ‘chola girl makeover’ – no offense to anyone it’s how the host referred to it :)

  2. Summar

    LOL. I haven’t seen this movie either – but she’s hilarious. I say get in touch and have her do monthly beauty tutorials on movie characters…next up, Alice in Wonderland?

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