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Where did the name “Chicken 65″ come from?

January 11, 2010

For those of you who don’t know, Chicken 65 is one of the most amazing Indian dishes ever. Deep-fried, red, spicy — just so good. The thing is, it’s not clear where the name “65” comes from.

I attempted to investigate this while I was in India. Check it out:

So yeah. I tried.


36 thoughts on “Where did the name “Chicken 65″ come from?

  1. narima

    i have several stories to this 1.someone tried it 65 times before they liked the taste. 2.there are 65 ingridients.3. very authentic one this happened in miltary canteen in south of india where people from all over india were stationed they could not read or pronounce the local language and this dish was number 65 0n menu it was easy to order this way honest truth—-

  2. Summar

    love it. can you come up with some kind of mechanism that produces the dishes you blog/video about? get on it, k? i’m hungry.

  3. Zain

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That’s easily THE best video I’ve seen in my life! And I just realized that our family isn’t very clever. Some of the reasons were just strange.

  4. sidrah

    OMGG definitely the bestest post ever!! lol i remember we always used to ask the same question too… but like you said, when its one of the most amazing dishes ever, who really cares.

    okay now i’m gonna watch the video again

  5. inspectorsaab

    There are many folklore stories about this one. The first story is that the spices must soak for 65 days. The second story is about the Indian soldiers who needed something quick and easy during a war in 1965 and the unanimous choice of the soldiers was to have deep-fried boneless chicken pieces dipped in yogurt and spices – the chicken 65. The third story we know is about someone who used 65 dried red chilies to make the chicken hot. Whatever is the original story, the chicken 65 by any other name would taste as fiery and yummy.

  6. Humza

    Zeeshan’s part was one of my favorites. he just straight up gets pissed off and walks away. Good answer!

  7. Bilal Azam

    Hahah awesome video!!! love it!!

    there was a chicken store during the British rule and an Englishman could not pronounce the name of the chicken so he said “give me number 65 please” and thats the answer!!!

  8. Salman

    Best bit- “Why is it called chicken 65″ …. “I don’t know, why are you called Shyema”!!!!! That was hilarious.

  9. Ibby

    Haha! Everyone was hilarious. Nice editing going on there. Lmao at Aimen “This is a video or what?”

  10. Sabeen

    yay!! i finallly saw the video…seriously welll done. what did you use to edit? lol im such a nerd asking that question.

  11. shyema Post author

    haha, no you’re not, you are the coolest person ever and i’m just happy i’m your friend sigh…I just used my Mac’s iMovie program!

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