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Inspiration of the Day: Life Underground – Tom Otterness

January 20, 2010

Photo Credit: Summar Ghias

“I stumbled onto a slew of subway art at the 14th St/8th Ave station that I can’t figure out why I haven’t seen before. Public art creator Tom Otterness produced over a hundred bronze sculptures for the station, using adorable cartoon faces to portray a not so childish critique of “Life Underground“. Themes range from patrolling policeman to greedy people atop bags of money. Even the pay phone gets a face – a face too quirky not to document, so I took a picture on my camera phone to share!” – Summar Ghias/East Coast Editor

What’s your inspiration of the day?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration of the Day: Life Underground – Tom Otterness

  1. Samar

    next time i witness the rats and urine of various homeless men that the subway so infamously brews, i’ll focus my gaze on this stuff instead..very cool Ms. Ghias..

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