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Winter eye care – AND our 5 best eye cream picks!

January 20, 2010

By Cheryl Fenton

Blinding winds (keep your head down, just five more blocks)

Sun-on-snow reflection (can’t see a thing)

A blast of hot air…right in your face (it’s warm enough in the car now, thanks)

Moisture. In the wintertime, the eyes don’t have it. When the temp goes down, the skin dries up. What other choice does the delicate tissue around your eyes have but to turn to crinkly crepe paper. Not attractive.

You can make it through the frosty season without losing sight of bright, beautiful eyes. Dr. Neal Schultz, cosmetic dermatologist and founder of, has a few tips for showing TLC to the delicate under eye area:

1. Every morning begin with a chemical free (think Zinc or Titanium-based) sunscreen. The micronized actives are a great base for your moisturizing eye cream.
2. The idea is to hydrate, so choose a rich, emollient eye cream.
3. Every evening use a peptide-based serum to help stimulate collagen production.
4. Follow with your day eye cream again (yes, even at night).

Remember that application is half the battle against damaging this sensitive area (especially when it’s dry), so always pat cream on with your ring finger. Don’t forget to keep sunglasses handy to protect the eyes from wind and glare—both contributors to tiny wrinkles.

Here are my faves for keeping my eyes the prize this winter:

(1) Face It; (2) Kiehl’s; (3) Olay Regenerist; (4) Kinerase; (5) Peter Thomas Roth

1. Face It’s Eye-perator, $50 — A lightweight, rich treatment that forms a protective film around the eyes. Consider it covering up from the cold.

2. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, $24.50 — Creamy avocado…need I say more?

3. Olay Regenerist Eye Derma-Pod Anti-Aging Triple Response System, $25.99 for 24 pods — A triple-whammy. Each pod contains cucumber extracts and caffeine to brighten, de-puff, and fills in fine lines.

4. Kinerase Under Eye Rescue, $78 — Aloe isn’t just for summer sunburns. Hydrating plant extracts and peptides immediately nourish, while rice bran protein undoes what the environment did.

5. Peter Thomas Roth Eye Overhaul Duo, $58 — An eye cream with SPF30 for day, an overnight repair treatment for sleepy time. Cheers all around.

With a little TLC, you can give winter skin the boot, with a wink and smile.

What are your favorite eye cream picks?

Cheryl is a freelance writer based in Boston and founder of Easy Peasy Blog — perfect for putting beauty, fashion, life & style together all in record time You can also follow her on Twitter @cherylfenton.

5 thoughts on “Winter eye care – AND our 5 best eye cream picks!

  1. hina

    I recently tried philosophy’s Eye Hope and I love it! and I agree, eye creams are worth the money. You only have one pair of eyes so may as well take care of them!

  2. Nada

    i recently started using all about eyes from clinique, its wonderful and not too heavy. they also have it in a rich formula that i’ve read is better as a night creme

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