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Beauty tip of the Day: MAJOR Cargo Cosmetics sale 50% off!

January 22, 2010

My heart almost broke in a million pieces when I heard Cargo was being discontinued at Sephora (I can’t live without their bronzer in medium, I swear).

But rumor control: this is not entirely true. The brand is being phased out from stand alone Sephora stores and and will be back in full force at the JC Penney-Sephora locations in the next couple of months. The official release states:

“By the end of this year, over 200 Sephora Inside JC Penney stores are expected to carry the full range of CARGO products. We will be removing CARGO from the other Sephora doors in North America. CARGO products will continue to be sold within Sephora’s European markets: France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the Middle East. In addition, CARGO will continue to be available at Ulta, QVC, Beauty 360, Independent Beauty Boutiques, Murale (Canada) and Boots (UK).”

How does this benefit you right now? ALL CARGO COSMETICS ARE 50% RIGHT NOW at and Sephora stores…filling up my shopping cart as we speak…

[Thanks for the tip, Am:)]


6 thoughts on “Beauty tip of the Day: MAJOR Cargo Cosmetics sale 50% off!

  1. aminah

    Anytime!! What better way to wrap up the work week than with new makeup? (I just called two locations to make sure they hold my colors so I can stock up…50% is like 1/2 off, BOGOF, two for the price of one… =)

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