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Bride wears her own edible wedding cake as her dress!

January 22, 2010

Not sure if you guys caught wind of this story, but recently pictures of have been circling the Internet of this wedding dress made entirely of edible wedding cake!



I guess you really can have your cake and eat it (or wear it) too.

The creator is Lukka Sigurdarottir from Iceland, but for some reason, she has been a difficult one to pin down to ask more questions about her tasty masterpiece.

Ok, so I’m sure this wouldn’t survive the reception and would be really messy on the dance floor, but the fatty in me is wondering — if you could wear your wedding cake, what flavor would it be?

Serious question…because you know, mine would definitely be something awesome like oreo cheesecake or something for SURE.


3 thoughts on “Bride wears her own edible wedding cake as her dress!

  1. Summar

    hahhahah…is that frosting on her head? this is just weird!

    dare i say red velvet? nah i’d prob go for something more complicated like hazelnut mocha or cappuccino chip…

  2. Sarah

    i’m sorry, why?

    mine would be strawberry shortcake which, fortuitously, would go quite well with a desi outfit color scheme as well.

  3. sidrah

    OMG this is amazing. mine would have to have chocolate mousse or chocolate ganache in there somehow.

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