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Bare Escentuals Wants you to Re-Think What Matters

January 26, 2010

Beauty brand Bare Escentuals is shaking things up a bit by posting a new discussion topic with playful taglines every week at

Readers can share their answers on Facebook or Twitter to start the discussion on some interesting topics, and you may even win some cool beauty prizes — 500 winners every week to be exact!

ALSO, look out for the “Quickie Vans” as they call them, which will be sporting one of their taglines (“Rethink Going Bare in Public” for example) in select cities. You can pop in for free samples and makeovers — or “make-unders” as the peeps at Bare Escentuals like to say :).

First topic is already up on their site…chime in if you’re not shy to answer the first round of questions surrounding…well…going bare.


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