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Burger Guy Reviews: STAND – Greenwich Village

January 27, 2010

So basically, here at BATF, my friend has already done so many reviews on mostly burger joints in the city, I’m just going to refer to him as Burger Guy henceforth. So yeah. Look out for his iPhone aided reviews.

Here’s his latest on Stand:

We came here for a group bday dinner. So, first of all, this place is known for their milkshakes. They’re $6 a pop, so I figured this better be the best milkshake I’ve ever had. Oh snap. It was.

Milkshakes at Stand

REALLY good blend. Just the right amount of sweet. I got a plain chocolate shake, but there’s a marshmallow one that everyone else got that turned out to be the favorite. Everyone seemed happy.

The $10 burgers disappointed though. Sad face. I ordered a medium cheeseburger with swiss. It came with grilled onions and lettuce. The lettuce is shredded like the kind you get on a Big Mac. It looked old and just didn’t taste right. The sesame bun was alright — nothing beats the ciabatta bread at Dumont Burger.

Anyway, they have this weirdo mayonnaise at the table that’s in these flacid bottles which are super annoying to squeeze. The mayo is sweeter than mayo should be. My ketchup mayo mixture was kind of a fail. Way too sweet. The burger was just a disappointment. Meat was cooked right, but it just didn’t come together well. Oh, and the side of my burger had this weird white paste that tasted like mashed potatoes, except…it was liquid. WTF.

Double WTF for the shoe string fries that were super thin. Nobody’s shoestrings are that tiny! If your shoestrings were that tiny your shoes would fly off and you’d die.

Three bucks for the fries too. Mofos.

No waitresses worth mentioning either. I’m only going back for the milkshakes.

– Burger Guy.

Restaurant Info:

24 E 12th St
btw 5th Ave & University Pl
New York NY 10003
Greenwich Village

4 thoughts on “Burger Guy Reviews: STAND – Greenwich Village

  1. tina

    “Nobody’s shoestrings are that tiny! If your shoestrings were that tiny your shoes would fly off and you’d die.” – Hilarious!! Nice review. I’ll probably try a milkshake there!

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