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Inspiration of the Day: Hindi Zahra – Beautiful Tango

January 27, 2010

Hindi Zahra

Berber singer, Hindi Zahra‘s voice is incredibly beautiful. I’ve been getting lost in her songs lately, so I had to share.

‘Influenced by the great Maghreb singers and the Egyptian divas, Hindi was brought up on traditional Berber music and also the local rock’n’roll her musician uncles played. Other early influences were Ali Farka Touré’s Sahara blues and the folk sounds of Ismaël Lô. The young Hindi also listened to African-American music (“anything with a groove”), as well as Bob Marley.’ – RFI Musique

“Beautiful Tango” is from her debut album, Hand made. The song is just as enchanting as its accompanying video. You must listen:

Hindi Zahra – Beautiful tango

Hindi Zahra – Handmade | MySpace Music Videos


4 thoughts on “Inspiration of the Day: Hindi Zahra – Beautiful Tango

  1. priya

    ooohhhh i’m listening to her now. sweet voice. and yay for the ali farka toure influence! the man made beautiful music.

  2. Hajera Azam

    Sooo I’m really digging the blog entrys lately. I’ve “read more” for the past 8 posts! Good work shy! keep em cominnn <3

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