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A visit to Angus Mitchell’s debut salon in Beverly Hills

January 28, 2010

Angus M. Salon in Beverly Hills

“I approach everything with a socially aware mindset as my father [Paul Mitchell] did decades ago. I plan to take the industry to new levels of excellence with a promise of beauty.”
Angus M.

When a kid looked up at me with curious eyes and pointed to my roots before asking, “Why is your hair black on top?” (while the rest of it was clearly not), I knew it was time for a trip to the local salon. The problem is my “local” salon is 3,000 miles away. Not only did I leave my heart in NYC, but I left the one stylist to whom I have been most faithful. Since I can’t afford to jet back to New York every other month, I’ve decided to finally test the L.A. waters. So, when I heard Angus Mitchell, son of legendary Paul Mitchell and a successful hair stylist in his own right, opened up his first signature salon in Beverly Hills, I was there.

I arranged to have stylist Heather Kaanoi cut and color my hair—if this means that she will make my hair look like her dark locks then I’ve hit the jackpot. I know my secret dream of looking like Kim Kardashian or Heather might not work since their exotic looks are all wrong for my girl-next-door face and coloring. But knowing that Angus handpicks all his stylists – which I noticed makes for a really cheery, knowledgeable staff — calmed my nerves. They answered my barrage of questions about the color process as it happens.

For starters, Angus M. does not utilize artificial heat. The salon prefers to let a client’s own body heat help color permeate the hair shaft. The goal of this technique is to prevent hair from becoming overworked, and to leave hair strong and healthy. Prior to this coloring, my hair was honey-toned, with very subtle contrast. I’m a stickler for subtlety, and after my color job, the contrast was not quite what I was used to – but as Angus says, his salon is all about taking risks and “adapting classic styles to modern interpretations.”

What my hair did not quite adapt to was the resulting dryness.

When I contact Heather about this, she suggests getting one of their signature ionic treatments to alleviate the dryness. When hair gets this severely dry, she said it is important to infuse it with a mixture of proteins and moisture to revitalize the life of hair. I haven’t gotten back to the salon to try their ionic treatment, so in the meantime, I did some at home damage control with VO5’s Hot Oil Treatment. Afterwards, my hair was easier to work with and the color started to settle.

After Angus' stylists worked their magic

The cut though, was amazing. Heather gave me one that works well with my hair texture—which means that I don’t have to fight the battle of the bulging mane every morning. She cut and styled my hair so well that I made her take a picture with me for BATF!

Me with my lovely hair stylist, Heather

Without further ado, the “before and after” Angus M. pics!:

My before and after!

My Final Verdict: I would go back for the excellent service, great cut, and one of their signature ionic treatments—especially for the prices offered (starting at $55) – and to scoop up some of those deliciously fragrant Paul Mitchell products. They are divine. You have to smell them to know what I mean. The products smell sweeter and more succulent than the fruit they supposedly mimic.

What do you think about the cut and/or color?

Salon Info:
Angus M. Salon

440 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Melissa Stephans
/West Coast Editor

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