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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Nails

Essie nail polish in pound cake

February 26, 2010

I recently went to Luxe Den in midtown for a manicure. You would think it was easy enough to find a neutral color for my nails, but the manicurist and I found ourselves sifting through 10 different shades for something that was neutral but not sheer.

We finally found Essie’s Pound Cake, an opaque pale beige. I thought it turned out to be a very elegant color.

Essie's Pound Cake

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Beauty - "The Lovely"

9 Beauty Trends We Love (and Hate) from 2009

February 25, 2010

Check out my guest post on South Asian emag,

9 Beauty Trends We Love (and Hate) from 2009


FOOD - "The Delicious" - Italian - Pizza

Piola Pizza

By Tina Chaudhary

Something you’ll learn at Piola is that it’s possible to make pizza in a gajillion different ways — including topped with eggs.

I went there recently and ordered the Moderna (tomato sauce, mozzarella, arugula, fresh tomatoes and shaved parmesan cheese). Very fresh and cheesy. I’m a fan of thin salty crusts, so there were no complaints there but it was a little heavy on the tomatoes.

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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Men - Male grooming

Guys: would you use products from a company named Hey Dude?

February 24, 2010

OK, so for me, “Hey Dude” conjures up memories of the Nickelodeon show, but now it’s taking on a whole new meaning in men’s skin care.

Hey Dude, a new men's skin care company

Hey Dude Skin Care is hoping to answer men’s skin care needs with products ranging from $16-$59. According to their site, a man’s skin is approximately 20% thicker than a woman’s, and more firm because it’s richer in collagen and elastin (you bastards).

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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Fragrance (perfume/cologne)

Salvatore Ferragamo’s new Incanto Bloom perfume

I recently attended the launch of Salvatore Ferragamo’s latest perfume launch for Incanto Bloom in Soho, where creator Sophie Labbé and CEO Luciano Bertinelli were present to give us the scoop on the new floral fragrance.

Incanto Bloom perfume

With Incanto Bloom, which launched this month, the luxury brand is hoping to target the young, metropolitan, fashion-savvy ladies. While it’s aiming at a younger clientele, they’re still keeping the elegance of the fashion house alive in the scent and even the design, with Ferragamo’s iconic Vara Bow as the cap of the bottle (I also love the opalescent white flacon of the perfume).

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FOOD - "The Delicious" - Homemade - Indian/Pakistani

Homemade Kashmiri food

February 23, 2010

I learned a few things about Iqbal, my friend Ayesha’s husband, recently when I went over for dinner:

He refers to guys as “blokes.”
He will wake up at 4 am to watch a soccer…I mean…football game.
He knows a lot of random facts about everything in life.
And he can cook up some mean Kashmiri food.

So because I’m invasive like that, I took a few pics, for eye candy purposes. It was SO delish:

Salad starter with mozzarella

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