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Breakfast at Cafe Cluny – West Village

February 5, 2010

There is hardly anything better than starting your day at a bistro in one of NY’s cutest neighborhoods. Such was my day last week.

I met my two friends, Lisa and Ashley, there for breakfast. Lisa, who is all about the West Village, suggested we try out Cafe Cluny.

Photo Credit: Cafe Cluny

The cafe, a French-American bistro named after the Paris metro stop, is owned by Lynn Wagenknecht, Judi Wong, and Steven Abramowitz –the team also behind The Odeon and The Luxembourg (also after Paris metro stops).

Cluny adopts all the character the West Village has to offer — a nice, cozy ambiance, decorated in warm woods and with plenty of light. The breakfast menu was also reasonably priced, with everything between $7-$13. We were all in the mood for something savory, so we went straight for the omelettes, though each with a different side.

Three egg omelette with fine herbs and goat cheese, side of fries

With a side of toast

With a side of potatoes

I got mine made with egg whites, goat cheese, and herbs (first pic with a side of fries). Loved it – it was light with pleasant touch of rosemary in each bite.

I seriously need to start my day off like this more often.

Restaurant info:

Cafe Cluny

284 West 12th Street
at West 4th Street
New York, NY
West Village


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