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Beauty tip of the Day: Get Silky Hair with Grapeseed Oil

February 8, 2010

If your hair is dry and brittle, consider saturating it with grapeseed oil (the type meant for cooking, not in the capsules). It has the same moisturizing benefits as olive oil, but doesn’t leave you smelling like a giant plate of dolmas.

Wet hair in the shower, eliminating excess water. Then, comb a generous amount of grapeseed oil through hair and wrap a towel around it. Leave the towel on for approximately 20 minutes so the oil penetrates the hair shaft.

Be sure to use shampoo to wash the oil out, and depending on your hair type, consider using conditioner to complete the process.

Voila! Silky, smooth hair on a budget!

-Melissa Stephans
/West Coast Editor

5 thoughts on “Beauty tip of the Day: Get Silky Hair with Grapeseed Oil

  1. aam

    i dont think it smells like grapes at all. during the last few weeks before my wedding, i was running around crazy and not eating right, barely drinking water and my skin showed it. it was dry and sallow-looking (sp?). my makeup artist told me to get grapeseed oil and smear it all over my face twice a day. it works and doesn’t make you…oily. i’m sorta obsessed with it. =)

  2. Melissa

    no scent. that is why I love it. The consistency isn’t too thick or thin, either.
    trader joe’s makes the best, in my opinion.

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