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Would you Minx your significant other’s name?

February 9, 2010

I’m pretty sure Kim Kardashian reads my blog, because not only did she reveal her own gold and black Minx nails, she got them customized with her New Orlean Saint beau’s name on it:

Kim Kardashian's nails spell out her boyfriend, Reggie Bush's last name and jersey number #25

Since we’re on the topic, celebs have been recently known to Minx their significant others and other causes right on their nail bed. Beyonc√© has even been reported to have had her husband Jay-Z’s face on her nails at one point. Now that’s love.

Maybe it’s the 2010 version of PDA. Which leads me to the question: How many of you would really get your significant other Minx’d on your own nails?

PS! NYC PEEPS! A friend passed on a deal for $28 Minx nail manicure (orig. $42) at Vada Spa, in case you’re curious!


4 thoughts on “Would you Minx your significant other’s name?

  1. sadia

    omg, so it turns out that my co-workers wife is this Minx guru and SHE DOES BEYONCE’S AND KIM K’S NAILS! she works @ this salon in bev hills… she told me she’d hook it up <3

  2. Tina

    Sadia that is so funny!! I love beyonce and Kim k. — and their nails! Haha. I’d minx someone’s name only if they minxed mine too. a minx for a minx that’s how I roll lol

  3. Dee

    I think that’s a really unique look in terms of nail art but I probably wouldn’t write a guy’s name on my nails. Still looks pretty cool!

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