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Remembering Alexander McQueen

February 12, 2010

By Sadia Khawaja

The late Alexander McQueen

The only time I ever pre-ordered a collection of makeup at MAC, was when Alexander McQueen debuted his line with them. The electric hues juxtaposed with the earth tone shades called my name. And much like his fashion sense, the interesting arrangement of his Fall ’07 colors (below) just works.

Fall 2007– and it’s still fashion forward.

Spring 2010 – and we are now left with a late visionary hero in the fashion/design/ and art world.

His influence transcended the fashion world and inspired artists, beauticians, musicians and other top designers.

Lee Alexander McQueen, 40, British founder and lead designer of all that is Alexander McQueen, was announced dead yesterday at his home, with rumored suicide. But his edgy avant-garde sense of fashion will live forever.

Known for his baroque, daring assymmetry, and never “safe” designs – McQueen’s dresses and clothing line have been spotted on A-List celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Rihanna.

He will continue to be fashion forward, even after death.

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5 thoughts on “Remembering Alexander McQueen

  1. sivie

    so so so extremely sad. his genius gave a new breath to fashion (and an irreverent one that is – all the more precious), new sculptural silhouettes to women, influenced artists, designers and people like us for the better, proved talent alone can be enough to be recognized and also, that fame, money and glitter are just not enough food for the soul.
    his life achievement, no matter how short the life, will outlive all of us.
    rest in peace, lee.

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  3. Dee

    he was honestly such a talent and it’s so upsetting to find out that he was in that much pain that he took his own life. really sad :(

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