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Beauty on the Streets: Bryce Gruber

February 15, 2010

Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot

Name: Bryce Gruber

Age: 25

Occupation: Entrepreneur/Inappropriate Journalist/Mom

Location: NYC


“I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s obsessed with the best tea, writing the things that people want to know about, and mom to the love of my life: Benjamin.”

My style is: casual chic, with an air of “I’m boarding a plane to Europe in an hour.”

My favorite designer right now is: Nicole Miller for dresses, but I have so many for casual.

People usually compliment my: hair

My favorite makeup tip: Mixing a dab or two of mineral highlighter into your moisturizer in the morning — your face will look fresh all day.

Current beauty product obsession: MyChelle The Perfect C Serum– you can feel and see it work within 24 hours. It’s brilliant.

But I also can’t live without: Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Eye Cream. I’ve been using it for nearly 3 years, and I’m addicted. After a year of mostly sleepless nights with a baby, I still look semi-rested.

For my skin: I’m in love with the light, velvety texture of Elizabeth Grant’s Biocollasis Complex Night Cream.

My favorite scent right now: I don’t wear much perfume, but I love Skin Authority’s Olive, Fig, and Shea Butter body lotion. The scent is perfect and remains light throughout the day.

I love wearing my curly, thick hair: blown out and down. It gets wavy within an hour, so it’s a lot of fun.

My favorite hair product for my is: Moroccon Oil! my Middle Eastern hair needs something to tame it!

I don’t understand people who don’t like: cheese. That’s just outrageous to me.

The restaurant I can never get tired of is: Would you judge me if I said Goodburger for their veggie burgers with cheese on whole wheat? I get them 2-3 times a week.

Though I’m pretty good at whipping up: homemade baby food.

People might be surprised to know: that my top 5 things (in this order) are: My son, my friends, palm trees, peanut butter, and old men

Who inspires me: Single, working moms with more than one kid. I can’t even begin to imagine!

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2 thoughts on “Beauty on the Streets: Bryce Gruber

  1. Dee

    sorry I was commenting on that one post. wish someone had mentioned it sooner. it gets boring for commenters too lol

    I love nicole miller too btw! good taste!

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