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Mission Cafe in the East Village

February 16, 2010

After the Carolina Herrera show, Hamid and I (and later Mohib!) decided to go for brunch in the East Village. We were walking up 2nd Ave., and Hamid noticed the low-key Mission Cafe. He says the hole-in-the wall places have less space but more love. Word.

Their menu is a mix of Mexican and American food (for some reason they say it’s Middle Eastern on, but I think that’s because it seemed like everyone working there was…c’mon people! It’s definitely not Middle Eastern food!), with plenty of healthy options. Hamid got the egg croissant and I got the huevos rancheros. OK, but I am a little confused because I could have sworn I had taken pictures of our food. Instead, we took these before and after videos of our meal. Enjoy.

The food tasted healthy but had just enough flavor — it was also unassumingly filling. I did manage to take a shot of Mohib’s veggie omelette!

Veggie omelette

Not bad really, and good prices. Service was great too. I love brunch.

Restaurant Info:
Mission Cafe

82 2nd Ave
btw 4th St & 5th St.
New York, NY 10003
East Village


6 thoughts on “Mission Cafe in the East Village

  1. Dee

    are you vegan? Just wondering because of your omelet. was this one of the better vegan eateries for brunch or are there better ones?

  2. Jess B.

    this is kind of irrelevant to the post but I found out what a ‘hole in the wall’ was last summer when my co-worker was telling me that there were so many Mexican (my fav food) ‘hole in the walls’ Im like wow I cant believe ive never seen one or heard of them, we had this conversation for about 45 minutes before i realized Hole in the wall was not the name of the place rather that it is the name of places like that…knowing that made me understand this post just a little bit more…though id share

  3. shyema Post author

    That was so funny!!! And it was just a croissant with egg or something and he’s like ‘it’s just so beautiful’ hahhaha..i love these videos

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