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Zeno’s BlemishBuster Hotline for Fashion Week Models

February 16, 2010

Hey, models get pimples too.

ZENO recently came out with the mini Hot Spot, which uses heat to kill bacteria that causes your pimples. It activates when you place your finger on the area indicated. Then just place the metal part on the treatment area of you face until it starts beeping repeatedly after 2 1/2 minutes. It says that 90% of pimples will clear up within 24 hours.

ZENO HOT SPOT acne clearing device, $39.99

So, it makes sense that during Fashion Week, ZENO currently set up a hotline for models who need an emergency zit zapper — no, really.

The “BlemishBuster Hotline” is exclusively for models who are walking the runway this week and feel a zit coming on. They just have to text “HOTSPOT” to 95495 or email at with their name, agency, and a complimentary ZENO HOT SPOT will arrive within six hours.

So I guess, pass it on to all your really, really, ridiculously good-looking friends?? Now they just need to come up with a hotline for us average folk. Sigh.

But good for us, its indications are not just for the model people. I recently got my hands on one from a gift bag. The device is cute and I love that it’s compact so you can just throw it in your purse.

So the “heat” part of it sounds scary, but it actually doesn’t hurt at all. It just felt a little tingly but not uncomfortable. I tried it out a couple days ago, and it seemed to stop a couple zits off its tracks, though I need to give it a try a few more times to give you a better idea of how effective I think it is.

Keep in mind the $39.99 price tag you pay is for up to 80 uses, and it has a little light indicator to let you know when those are up. It also works best on the early stages of a pimple as opposed to ones that have already fully popped up.

Have you ever tried an acne clearing device? What do you think about this one?

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4 thoughts on “Zeno’s BlemishBuster Hotline for Fashion Week Models

  1. Dee

    I don’t mean to laugh but this is hilarious. A pimple hotline?! And while I’m laughing I’m also looking up the info you provided because I want me some of that! adios breakouts at inopportune moments!

  2. Dee

    lol totally agree (especially since breakouts always happen when you least want them to like a day you’re getting a portrait done or attending a wedding or have a cute date..sheesh)

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