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Sanctuary T in Soho

February 17, 2010

After the New York Fashion Week Mixer, mi amiga Katie and I walked a few blocks to stumble upon Sanctuary T.

The mostly woody interior was dimly lit and the menu seemed enticing enough. I liked that the upbeat staff didn’t seem to mind that we were only in the market for a quick bite and ordered two small plates of goat cheese fritters and some good ‘ol mac n cheese.

Goat Cheese Fritters, $6

Goat Cheese Fritters, $6

I really love anything with goat cheese, but these weren’t the easiest to eat. The cheese oozes out when you take a bite.

Macaroni and cheese with truffle oil, $8

Mac n cheese was just what I wanted to see on the menu. The truffle oil taste wasn’t as apparent as I would have liked though. It was really just OK.

Molten chocolate souffle cake with ice cream

Molten chocolate souffle cake with ice cream

Finally, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with a molten chocolate cake with ice cream. The bottom of the dish had a caramel-cinnamon syrup that tasted pretty good with the combination of things. I think I’d give the food overall a B- rating, but I also would definitely not be opposed to going back and trying out an entree and the full crazy menu of tea offerings (hence, the restaurant name).

Even better was the cozy ambiance and extra points for the 90s music mash up — I can’t remember the last time I heard 3LW. You do or you don’t don’t…you will or you won’t won’t….no moreeee…no moreee…baby Imma do right

C’mon, you know what I’m talkin about. Don’t embarrass me now.

Restaurant Info:
Sanctuary T

337B West Broadway
at Grand St.
New York, NY 10013


One thought on “Sanctuary T in Soho

  1. Dee

    pity about the mac n cheese. the truffle taste is the whole point of gourmet mac n cheese so it better be up to par. hope the dessert more than made up for it!

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