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Hot Chocolate Festival at the City Bakery

February 19, 2010

The City Bakery near Union Square is celebrating Chocolate month (you did know it was National Chocolate month, right?) all February through their Hot Chocolate Festival.

Chocolate Chip cookies

The City Bakery

Basically, every day, they have a different special hot chocolate they’re featuring. On their website,, you can check out what the hot chocolate of the day is each day for the whole month! I FINALLY went yesterday to check it out. The hot chocolate of the day: Darkest Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate.

Darkest Hot Chocolate Dark Chocolate

It totally lived up to its name. It was rich, and thick, and really good. But again, so rich I could only down a fourth of a cup. It probably didn’t help that I ate it with the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever — I mean the kind that tastes fresh out of the over, home baked sugary taste, with melted chocolate chips. Mmm.

You have 10 days left to try their hot chocolate of the day! There’s still some good ones coming up, including “Ode to the Polar Bear Hot Chocolate” on the 24th and “Shangri-La Hot Chocolate” on the 26th.

Oh, and call me if you go.

Restaurant Info:
The City Bakery

3 W 18th St.
Btwn 5th and 6th Ave
New York NY 10011
Union Square


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