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Thai Market in Harlem

February 19, 2010

Three things I seldom do, if ever: (1) trek up to Harlem for dinner, (2) order a seafood starter; (3) go for steak at a Thai place.

But if my trip to Thai Market taught me anything, it’s that sometimes change is good…Great.

Salmon Wrap, $7

Pan-Roasted minced salmon, lemongrass, galanga, bird’s eye chili, mint, and scallion. Green leaves. I always get these wraps with chicken or veggies. It was the first time I had it with salmon, which might have been slightly too fish-ey for me, considering I’m still not used to the fish taste…I’m trying, trying to change…

Pad Kee Moa, $9.95

Flat rice noodle, chicken, Thai basil, bird’s eye chili, tomato, bok choi. Loved this. If you like spicy food with lots of basil taste, go for this. Yes.

Skirt Steak, $15

Marinated, served sliced, w/ sauteed vegetable, Chili garlic puree, sticky rice (we have mushroom rice instead). OK. This. Rocked. My. World. We ordered it medium/rare, which I never do. My steaks are always well done, but this was a good mix of juicy and spicy. I can’t take total credit — it was totally on the recommendation of a friend who lives in the area. With the chili garlic puree, tasted so yum — would have never try this but I still salivate thinking about it.

Restaurant Info:
Thai Market

960 Amsterdam Ave
btw 107th & 108th St
New York, NY 10025
West Harlem


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