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Michelle Phan’s Tim Burton-inspired nails

March 2, 2010

YouTube makeup guru, Michelle Phan, just posted her nails for an upcoming Tim Burton-inspired tutorial, and they look NUTS! I just had to re-post:

Kinda makes my nails look so safe…and boring.

What do you guys think??


9 thoughts on “Michelle Phan’s Tim Burton-inspired nails

  1. Nicole

    OMG those are fabulous! Where did you get them or how did you make them? I love Tim Burton, they are so him!

  2. Gigi

    Actually in Michelle Phan’s Tim burton inspired make up tutorial, she puts a link in the info, but they’re from Kawaii Nails. The style isn’t currently being made, but you can send them the photo and they can recreate it. Prices range from $20-$40. However, on YouTube The Nail Dutchess has a tutorial on how she does it. Personally, I’m going to buy a set of plain fake nails, a nice colored polish and some Wal-Mart charms and “jewels” and set them up to be fairly similar to these. Doesn’t seem that hard to me.

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