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Dial’s new NutriSkin Body Wash

March 18, 2010

I can’t say I was always big on Dial as a body wash. As a hand soap, their stuff is excellent. Though, when I tried their body wash years ago, I felt like it was a little harsh for my skin. I would actually even get a little irritated from the formula! I had pretty much glossed over their washes at the store since. But I guess things change. I was sent over their latest to try: Dial NutriSkin which just launched this month.

Dial's new NutriSkin body washes

The two fruity washes, they say, leaves skin moisturized from its cationic polymer, which attaches during cleansing which will stay on your skin instead of going down the drain. The green one also has microbeads infused with fruit oil from the Mediterranean wine region.

For me, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t irritate my skin at all, which I was nervous about. I typically prefer creamy washes since I like that it’s heavier and keeps me feeling moisturized (Like Dove’s Cream Oil — also amazing), but I found none of that dryness as I normally do in most gel washes either.

Both scents are a burst of fruit fragrance. I personally preferred the Lemongrass (green) wash over the Cherry Seed Oil (pink) — the latter was maybe too fruity for me whereas the lemongrass smelled a little more subtle and is more unisex for the guys.

PROS: Good for you if you’re looking for a body wash with fruit scents, and need something a little lighter than cream body washes. Loved that this was a hydrating formula that didn’t irritate my skin and instead left it feeling smoother.

CONS: It’s definitely more moisturizing than most body gels, but if you’re looking for something groundbreakingly different, I can’t say this is the one. I also wasn’t crazy about the Cherry Seed Oiland Mint scent, it was too strong for me!

More reviews to come of other body washes launching this month. But in the mean time, just curious, do you think you’d try this one?

Dial NutriSkin body washes are available now for $3.99. Check out for more info.


4 thoughts on “Dial’s new NutriSkin Body Wash

  1. saira

    I would def try it, i’m always up for trying new body washes, i haven’t found a favorite yet. whats yours?

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