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3 Pretty Hair Trends for 2010

March 26, 2010

Sorry for the sudden dead air, but I’ve had a little travel kick somewhere in between now and the last post. Excited to get things started again, and no less with a topic we can all appreciate: Hair trends for 2010.

Aussie and Clairol’s Perfect 10 hosted a great presentation last night at the chic MEET lounge in Soho to showcase some of the prettiest (and easy!) hairstyles you can be sporting this spring.

Guess what, I got to style a model too!

Joined by two of the sweetest and knowledgable in the hair industry, Aussie’s celeb stylist, Sarah Potempo and Clairol’s Creative Director for Color and Style, Marcy Cona, we learned how about how to amp up your own hair color and pair it with a cute style – they even got me to go up and try one myself on their model, Lisa! READ ON TO SEE ALL THE TIPS AND VIDEOS!

1) OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR (ROMANTIC WAVES): There’s more movement towards natural textures with just a little kick. It’s like beachy waves but softer.

Sarah teaches us not only how to make these beautiful waves, but also how to change your part without looking uneven.

1. Apply a mousse (like Aussie’s Catch the Wave Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner) to dry roots and loosely blow dry hair upward.

2. Section off hair and wrap 2” sections around a closed 1” curling iron—like the swirls on a candy cane. Wrap away from the face to get the most flattering wave.

3. After curling, use a bobby pin to pin up for bouncy, natural waves.

2) TWISTY UPDO: I adore this style because it looks so trendy and chic (and complicated) but so easy to do!

Sarah shows us how to make this style too, with along with a short lesson on the right way to tease your hair without damaging it!

1. Use mousse and blow dry. Tease your hair all around.

2. Section off the top half of your hair from the bottom.

3. Starting with the top half, take the right and left side of your hair, and begin knotting your hair (like your tying your shoe). Pin up.

4. Do the same with the bottom half. Wear a headband to finish off the style.

3) HALF-UP, HALF-DOWN STYLE: Take a half-up, half-down style up a notch by adding more twists and securing into a side-ponytail.

With my lack of hair styling skills, I would never think in a million years I’d be able to do this, but Sarah volunteered me to try! Totally not expecting to be called on, but I’m actually glad she did because I saw how easy it was to do!

Here I am styling Lisa’s gorgeous hair:

1. Section off hair like you’re making two pony tails. Tease the first section and add a little bit of hair spray to roots (or blow dry) to add some volume (Aussie’s Opposites Attract Hair Spray will give you a flexible hold!)

2. Separate into two sections, tie in a knot and wrap an elastic around it, and pin down to finish.

How great are these tips?? Will you try any of them yourself?

Oh, and they also had the most mouth-watering mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa bakery. I’m going to get so fat.

Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes!


7 thoughts on “3 Pretty Hair Trends for 2010

  1. aperfectionista

    OK I love these all and am going to try them out… especially the half-up/half-down one. So cute! Also, I am OBSESSED with Baked by Melissa. There is one across the street from my bf’s apartment… it’s caused a disaster on my waistline and until I’ve put in a few more weeks of pilates/yoga, I’ve banned myself.


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  3. -M

    The twisty updo!! going to give it a try – my hair is already super curly so I wonder how it will turn out! Alsooo.. Baked by Melissa…I am pretty sure I can eat like 25 in one sitting 😀

  4. -M

    FYI – highlight of my day yesterday…I walked out of work and saw a new location for ‘Baked by Melissa’ on 42nd and Lex! Baby cupcakes for lunch :)

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