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Product Review – TIGI Bed Head’s After-Party

April 7, 2010

I don’t know about you, but my hair loves to go POOF after I blow dry. It’s so annoying. You can even finally get your style down right and there they are — the frizzies.

I’m not keen on oily serums that can make your hair go flat (and apply too much and you just went from shower fresh to grease ball). Then I was introduced to TIGI Bed Head After-Party.

It started YEARS ago when I still lived in Chicago. I went to Frank Gironda in Wheaton and after my hairstylist (I think her name is Shelly…I wonder if she still works there??) layered my hair, she went on to teach me how to blow dry it, applying just a dime size of After Party on my hair. It smoothed it down and was completely weightless. It also defined my layers, making them shiny, not stringy.

The trick with this one is to use VERY very little — a lot goes a long way. Just rub a little in your hands, then I like to just run my hands starting from under my hair (like from right above my neck working my way in) and then down to the ends; afterwards, I go back and smooth the frizz on top. It barely feels like you’re applying anything at all but it works wonders.

So this normally retails for $18.99, but it get it on HERE for only $10.99.


3 thoughts on “Product Review – TIGI Bed Head’s After-Party

  1. Saba

    I love this stuff! I stocked up when I worked at Frank Gironda, so I still have some, I’ll be sad when I run out and have no employee discount to purchase more :(

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