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Food Network is asking if you DON’T got what it takes

April 15, 2010

So, it happens casting is currently taking place for yet another reality show, this one by Food Network looking for terrible cooks they can whip into shape — no pun intended.

The show is called, Hopeless Home Cooks:

A group of the most hopeless cooks in the country will compete in a high-stakes elimination series in Worst Cooks in America.

The series will put the “recruits” through a culinary boot camp led by two acclaimed chefs to see who can improve the most! At stake for the last two standing is the chance to cook for a panel of esteemed culinary critics and win a grand prize.

I can imagine the taste tests at these open calls have to be pretty brutal.

Unfortunately, the LA and Philly open calls have already taken place. But upcoming ones in Chicago (4/17), NYC (4/24), and the A-T-L (5/1) are coming up! Check out their website, for all the info.

Do you have what it umm…doesn’t take to compete?


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