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New Restaurant: Ay Turkish in Murray Hill

April 15, 2010

Turkish food is my weakness, so it fills my heart with happiness when a new Turkish restaurant opens in NYC. In this case, Ay Turkish in Murray Hill.

Sigara Borek and cacik (homemade yogurt with cucumber, mint, and garlic)

Yogurt lamb kebab

Alabalik (chargrilled fresh trout marinated with lemon and parsley)

I can’t say I discovered it on my own. My friend Jainal had told me about it first last month when it opened (those are the pictures he sent me when he did!). It took over the old space of Rice, the fusion restaurant which Ay still carries remnants of in their window decor of rice pieces.

I was told by Jainal that everything at Ay was delicious (and all halaal if that’s your preference). I finally went there for the first time last week for a birthday with 15 people and not only was the staff extremely friendly, all the dishes were delicious. So much so, I kinda went back again the same week.

Took some pictures with my iPhone:

Spinach Borek (pan fried phyllo dough stuffed with spinach, onion, and feta cheese)

Chicken Adana Kebab

Lamb Shish Kebab

Iskender Kebab

I had the Lamb Adana this time which I kind of prefer over the Chicken Adana that I ordered last time, which is very unlike me since I usually go for poultry over meat. But if you’re going to get chicken, go for the Chicken Shish Kebab.

Chicken Shish Kebab

Lamb Adana Kebab

Generally though, it’s hard to go wrong here, and the prices are so reasonable. When I went with 5 other girls, we ordered the spinach borek and each had an appetizer and only paid $21 (that includes tip).

Restaurant Info:
Ay Turkish

115 Lexington Avenue
at 28th St.
New York, NY 10016-8979


8 thoughts on “New Restaurant: Ay Turkish in Murray Hill

  1. Tina

    I was sad when Rice closed and wondered about this place. Will def check out. Tired of Ali Baba’s

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