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Beauty in a rush

April 19, 2010

So the other day started something like this: I had to be up at 6:30 am to finish up some writing before I left the house but forgot to set my alarm. Luckily, when I open my eyes it’s 6:20. I’m so happy about this that after a brief moment of triumph…I just fall right back to sleep.

The next time I wake up, it’s 8:15. I have 15 minutes to leave the house and catch my bus.

I jump up, splash some water on my face, brush my teeth. Since it’s an important-ish meeting, I needed to look somewhat presentable and had only 10 minutes left to do that. My straight iron was warming up but instead of doing waves, I just run it through my hair to neaten it up. I only ended up using some concealer, grab my mascara to go and run out the door (I made the bus!).

Which leads me to my random question of the day: When you’re in a rush, and have time to do only one thing to your hair and two minutes for makeup before running out the door, what do you use?


2 thoughts on “Beauty in a rush

  1. Nada

    concealer and eyeliner, and a slicked back ponytail.

    Though I have the added benefit of having an hour train ride, so as long as I have my travel makeup in my purse, I’m ok (and turn into one of those ppl you see on subways doin their full make up regimen)

    lol ask me what happend when I went out of town to a friends wedding and took my fun make up bag (mostly eyeshadows n such) but forgot my “every day essentials” bag (read: foundation, eyeliner, bronzer)

    Magyver baby!

  2. Jess B.

    haha thats funny (above)

    Ive kept long bangs for a while now and they are most convenient in these types of situations bc you can pull ur hair back quickly do your bangs stick on a headband or flowery bow and it your looks done. for makeup in a hurry tinted moisturizer saves the day for me

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