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Nail art at Valley in Nolita

April 22, 2010

My cute lil cousin Sabeen just got engaged recently, and for the ceremony she came across Valley, a nail art salon in Nolita that also randomly sells vintage clothes on one end of the store. The nail artist there helped her customize a unique nail design just for her.

First she put two coats of gold glitter polish:

Then she used a tiny thin brush to freehand a paisley-inspired design in black on top:

A coat of clear polish made it pop:

Hand painted nails start at $25 per set but can run up to well over $60 depending on how complicated your design is. Visit their website for the full price list.

Salon Info:

198 Elizabeth st
btw Prince and Spring St.
New York, NY 10012


4 thoughts on “Nail art at Valley in Nolita

  1. Sidra

    That is too cute! I love the nail designs your cousin got; so cute and fun!. I found your blog on LinkedIn through Sadia Khawaja. I must say I love the design of your blog! I just began my own beauty blog (, and I have been looking for a nail polish remover that doesn’t require intense scrubbing. I imagine your cousin’s nail polish removal took a strong polish remover, so, which brands do you recommend?

  2. shyema Post author

    Jummi, I hope you know she makes me take a pic of her finger thil because she knows it’ll annoy you hahahaha

  3. Hana

    This is really cool. You know you can buy those art nail polishes at sally beauty supply. They come with a really thin brush to make it easy to draw designs. Shy I bet you would be really good at that with your artsy talents!

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