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Brunch at Eatery, Midtown West

April 24, 2010

I love Eatery‘s brunch so much, that I decided to give you even more reasons to go there after my first post on it:

Complimentary banana bread starters

Santa Fe Sweet Potato Hash Brown, $11.95

Scrambled Egg White Tortilla, $10.95

Mac & Jack, $12.95

Tofu Vegetarian Burger, $10.95

Southwestern Chicken Panini, $9.95

Santa Fe Sweet Potato Pancake: with Scrambled Egg Whites and Mango Guacamole (this is what I got — so delicious!).

Scrambled Egg White Tortilla: with Organic Cracked Wheat Salad, Sweet Corn, Queso Fresco and Salsa Verde

Mac and Jack: Eatery’s special twist on the Classic Macaroni and Cheese Topped with Frizzled Onions

Tofu Vegetarian Burger: on Brioche Bun with Sweet Soy Mayonnaise and Sweet Potato Fries

Southwestern Chicken Panini: Pepper Jack Cheese, Tomatillo, Cilantro Pesto and Sweet Chipotle Aioli with French Fries

Everyone was happy. The end.

Restaurant Info:

798 Ninth Ave.
at 53rd St.
New York, NY 10019
Midtown West


3 thoughts on “Brunch at Eatery, Midtown West

  1. Nicole

    O M G A H !! Everything looks so good! Especially the Banana Bread Starters, Southwestern Chicken Panini & Mac & Jack.


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