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Burger Guy does BareBurger in Astoria

May 4, 2010

By Burger Guy

A standard Bareburger

The other day I was reading about how Better Burger won the award for worst anything ever. Jk. It didn’t, but it should. Anyway after that I googled organic burgers and stumbled upon BareBurger in Astoria.

It looked pretty good actually, so yesterday I checked it out. The logic behind a place like this is a conundrum. You make a big hooplah about ensuring the meat is organic and antibiotic/hormone free so its arguably healthier for you, but then you slap me in the face with a greasy burger and some delicious oily fries. WTF universe?

You can get beef, bison, elk, ostrich or turkey as the meat on any of their burgers. I stuck with my usual beef medium-well with lettuce, raw onions. Oh, and they have a “secret sauce.” Is the secret sauce ever anything other than thousand island, russian or french dressing? Answer: No never.

Jalapeno Lamb Burger

We got one lamb Jalapeno Express burger, three Beef Bareburgers, a basket of fries, a basket of onion rings, and some spicy chipotle mayo in a pear tree. The cool thing about this place is that they have a bunch of dipping sauces from spicy chipotle mayo to peppercorn steak sauce.

Fries with dipping sauces

The burger was served on a brioche. Sad face. Actually there were two options brioche and 7 grain health bread. It’s like they picked up a brioche and said to themselves, “What’s worse than this?”

Anyway, overall the burger was alright. I’d say slightly better than that Stand place I reviewed before. Nothing to run over to Astoria for though. If you’re a local it’s probably one of the better joints in the area. I guess we can take comfort in knowing the cow was only fed certified organic grains and grasses. The waitress was red-headed and tall. I’d say about 5’7-5’9. She had nice blue eyes and pretty fit considering she probably eats a lot of burgers. Oh and I had a chocolate milkshake too. It wasn’t as good as Stand’s.

Restaurant Info:
Bare Burger

33 – 21 31st Avenue
Astoria, NY 11106
(718) 777-7011

3 thoughts on “Burger Guy does BareBurger in Astoria

  1. Nabila

    um HI i live 2 blocks from there so now you are in official trouble with me! Why I oughtaaaa…! =P

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