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Zoya nail polish in Sabrina

May 7, 2010

I resisted the urge for once to go color happy on a recent visit to Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa and stuck to a neutral white with very pale fleshy pink undertones that Zoya calls “Sabrina.”

As part of their Champagne & Rose Manicure, they’ll offer you a virgin cranberry drink while they treat your hands to an exfoliating scrub and warm paraffin treatment…that’s all right after they nestle a warm scented pillow around your neck and give you a back rub — all for only $42.

Salon Info:
Red Door Spa

691 Fifth Avenue
at 54th Street
New York , NY 10022


P.S. The nail tech, Eugenia, really took care of my cuticles unlike my recent visit to Bliss. I always get yelled at by manicurists about my cuticles. I need help.

3 thoughts on “Zoya nail polish in Sabrina

  1. shyema Post author

    Byyy the way, it’s been over a week and my manicure is still in tact…which is the longest a manicure has gone for me. Dont know if i thank red door spa or zoya, but someone’s doing something right..

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