CoverGirl Master Class event with Molly Stern

Makeup events are my favorite.

I was so excited to be part of CoverGirl‘s Master Class with celeb makeup artist Molly Stern to learn some tricks of the trade and get cozy with some of their new releases.

Celebrity makeup artist, Molly Stern
Hello, hello makeup toys.

There is so much to cover that I’m going to have to separate them into different posts! We’ll start with the face, and begin with one of their more revolutionary products: CoverGirl and Olay’s Simply Ageless Serum Primer.

CoverGirl and Olay's Simply Ageless Serum Primer

It’s infused with an Olay’s Regenerist complex that not only smooths the surface of your skin but helps whatever your put on it spread more easily. Essentially, it combines anti-aging elements and preps your skin for makeup. We were given sandpaper to see how much more easily foundation spreads over the serum/primer than it did alone.

Which brings me to the actual foundation. In this case, we tried their Simply Ageless foundation which also contains the Regenerist Serum and SPF 22. I found my match in shade 255. It doesn’t cake, but using it throughout the week, I found at times it was a little more noticeable than I would have liked.

Finally, we went on to something I rarely do. I put on blush (never). And that too, cream blush. For some reason, I have always been nervous about cream blush. I felt it was reserved for those naturally dewy or perfect-skinned celebs; that or blush itself would look too garrish on my skin color.

“You mustn’t fear the blush,” Stern says as she takes one look at me and decides I don’t have quite enough on. Their Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush not only spreads great, but only as a thin veil. Even the scary looking Lush Berry, a dark berry in the pot that goes on as only a tinge of pink, actually gives me a nice rosey color without going overboard. Still, I’m a bit modest on blush and I prefer the likes of Plush Peach.

Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation in 255 and Sculpting Blush in Plush Peach

Who is this foundation and blush for? If you’re looking for products with anti-aging benefits for sure, but I’d skip if you have oily skin. It has a great finish that’s not too matte, but can be too smooth for oily skin types. Stern says she uses cream blush on pretty much everyone but tends to skip it if skin is already too slick.

I personally would also advise to skip on rosey colored blush if you tend to have acne issues, which can magnify it, but that’s just me!

The Serum Primer will be released this July for $13.99. Check out for more info on the foundation and blushes sold at drugstores nationwide.



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