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Beauty Trend Alert: Snake Venom

June 10, 2010

By Melissa Stephans

Snake venom the new anti-wrinkle treatment?

Yup. You read that correctly.

This is one of those trends that I might consider filing in my imaginary “hell no” folder, along with treatments that contain placenta or bull sperm.

Evidently, British skincare brand Rodial has launched a new product called Glamoxy Snake Serum. It claims to work like Botox, aka Botulism Toxin (oh yeah, add that to my folder, too) by relaxing wrinkles. The fact that it is applied topically, makes me rather skeptical of the company’s claims. The only way to “relax” wrinkles is by relaxing the muscles, and no topical serum can be absorbed into the muscles.

The people at Sonya Dakar in Beverly Hills would probably disagree with me, because they claim to be responsible for bringing snake venom to the left coast with their Snake Venom Facial and cream. Maybe I am unfairly skeptical. When it comes to beauty, I will try almost anything once. That said, I think I will wait for the next great beauty trend to explore.

I was so amused by the lengths people have gone to for beauty, that I thought I would share a few these gems with you. My personal fave is the fish pedicure. It’s just so creepy…and probably quite ticklish.

Would you try any of these?:

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  • 8 thoughts on “Beauty Trend Alert: Snake Venom

    1. sadia

      oddly enough, snakes don’t bother me as much as spiders.. however..i’m not putting that ISH on my face….miraculous as it may be.

      ohh and my sister had fish pedicures in japan i think…it looked so gross, but she said it felt good! apparently those fish eat away your bacteria! poor fishies!

    2. melissa

      I know this is so off topic, but speaking of snakes…Did you see the footage of Selma Hayak, Maya Roudolph, and Maria Bello being interviewed by Extra? Evidently, they were almost attacked by a snake. They went crazy. I assume that after their snake incident, none of those ladies will be trying this stuff, lol.

    3. Nada

      aw poor snake. hes looks like hes thinking “eff you vain women for making me bite this cup in an uncomfortable fashion, all so that u can freeze your face and look ridiculous.” I think he’d probably volunteer to bite ppl for free to produce the same effect

    4. Shizuka New York Day Spa

      If you’re not too grossed out by these wacky beauty treatments, would you consider trying a bird poop facial? What if it were for FREE? We are currently running a contest for a free Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial with master aesthetician Shizuka Bernstein through June 30, 2010! More information is at!

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