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L’Oreal True Match Roller – Product Review

June 12, 2010

L'Oreal True Match Roller foundation

I ended up with this product in my hands by chance. A co-worker who sits across me looked up and asked me if I wanted to try out L’Oreal’s True Match Rollerin Sand Beige/Sun Beige which was more my color than hers. Turns out it was exactly my shade so I ended up testing it out. The ads touts an ‘airbrushed,’ streakless finish (which, I’ve read in some reviews already, is not always the case). The first thing I noticed was how soft the roller applicator was, which also feels kind of funny because it reminds me of roller paint brushes — although because the consistency of the foundation is more solid than not, it doesn’t feel like you’re caking it on. Not only that, it is surprisingly able to sneak in and evenly apply in tough areas for me (around the eyes, nose).

The foundation itself also sets in nicely without looking too matte, with a thin coat being enough to even out your complexion. At first, I thought it was still more coverage than I’m used to, since I normally don’t wear foundation at all and stick to basic concealer. The funny thing is, I wasn’t totally convinced on how good it was until recently and that’s purely based on being stopped on two different occasions by people complimenting my skin. It was probably the third time I had tried the foundation and I decided I still wasn’t feeling it when I went to Red Door Spa for a manicure. Two people at the front desk stopped me on my way to my chair to tell me how nice my skin looked. One point for L’Oreal. Then today, I went for a haircut, and right before I sat to get my hair washed, the shampoo girl told me, “I love your skin, it’s beautiful!” L’Oreal 2-0.

Not sure about you, but getting a compliment on my skin is always nice because it’s normally pretty schizo. I figured it maybe just takes a while for it to set in and since it evidently isn’t looking dry or ‘too much,’ it still lets my own skin shine through, in a good way. That said, it’s probably not the best bet if you have fine lines/wrinkles since I can see it gathering in between, and I have read just as many reviews and complaints about the roller not working for everyone’s face structure. I’ve also used it with my fingers and it’s pretty easy to apply either way. You need to put a pretty thin coat on to prevent it from looking cakey too, which is not hard do but can happen if you’re not diligent about it. I think the texture/color match is what worked the best for me in my case.

Content-wise it contains a lot of moisturizing and skin-protecting ingredients, their active being octinoxate which is a UVA/UVB-blocking agent (along with titanium dioxide which serves a similar function), and sebum-reducing kaolin. Dimethicone is pretty hydrating for skin since it’s a silicone that prevents water loss, and ethylhexly palmitate is another skin smoother (a derivative of palm oil). Isononyl isononanoate is another skin conditioner which is probably responsible for the silky feeling of the texture.

Anyone else try it? Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “L’Oreal True Match Roller – Product Review

  1. savera

    oh – ive been using it since it came out!! and got my mom hooked too…i think its great and light and i’ve gotten compliments on it too…my new fav is sonia kashuk’s RADIANT tinted moisturizer…been using it for a couple of months and get sooooooo many compliments!!

  2. shyema Post author

    oh nice! My roomie got it and said it didn’t do as much for her, and usually we both like the same things…but I’m still loving it myself!

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