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Prada cake from Sugar Drop

June 14, 2010

This past weekend, my friend Sabine had a “Bride wears Prada”-themed bridal shower. Sugar Drop took care of the desserts with a customized pink cake. It was complemented with cupcakes bearing equally high end fashion labels.

Another cool tidbit about the cake, the zebra border was a play off of the bride-to-be’s actual Prada bag…tasted as rich as it looks!

To order cakes from Sugar Drop, email Safia at


5 thoughts on “Prada cake from Sugar Drop

  1. Mahvesh

    Aww looks amazing! And what a creative theme. I’m a beginning cake decorator myself so this caught my eye.

  2. Ayesha

    i have to send you the pic with the matching bag so everyone can appreciate the amazing details! i usually don’t like to keep leftover cake but this was DELICIOUS. iqbal had 3 slices last night and i had a bite for breakfast :)

  3. Ruby Bejori

    The cake was to die for!!
    Safia satisfied every girl’s
    sweet tooth @ the bridal shower!!

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