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The Love Diet-Kiss My Bundt LA launch party

June 15, 2010

By Melissa Stephans

The Love Diet Cookbook by Juan-Carlos Cruz and Amy Reiley

Lemon Basil, Red Velvet, Bourbon, Callebaut Chocolate Bundt (with Chocolate Glaze) Cakes

This week I had the opportunity to attend a media tea to celebrate the release of two cookbooks: The Love Diet by Amy Reiley and Juan-Carlos Cruz, and Kiss My Bundt by Chrysta Wilson..

The event took place in Reiley’s charming L.A. test kitchen (aka home), which created a very intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The glowing candles and buttery smell of food gave the place such a sensual and serene feel that I didn’t want to leave. Basically, I stayed an hour longer than intended. Oops. Here’s what I discovered: The savory bites from The Love Diet were pretty difficult to resist–especially after sifting through the recipes. Though these recipes promise to have amorous effects (they are even organized according to them), those are not what seduced me about this book. I like that the recipes are healthy, inexpensive, and not overly complicated.

…and then came the sweets. WOW. Chrysta Wilson knows what she is doing.

Lemon Basil Bundt

Before trying any of Wilson’s homemade treats, the only bundt cake that I ever recall paying attention to was the one in My Big Fat Greek Wedding — you know, where Toula’s mom has no idea what it is, so she sticks a plant in the middle of it for decoration? There is no way that this could happen with one of Wilson’s cakes! They look so moist and artfully decorated. Like The Love Diet, Kiss My Bundt has very basic, easy to master recipes that are super yummy. However, knowing that it can be done for me by Wilson and her trusted staff, I will be more likely to peruse their ready-made goods with a friend at her eponymous L.A. bake shop!

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