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Bubble Blow Dry and Makeup & Go in LA

June 23, 2010

By Melissa Stephans

Hooray! I’ve found where I can get a pressure-free makeup application and a guilt-free blow out without having to buy the makeup or schedule my next cut/color.

Bubble Blow Dry

Makeup&Go!, a makeup studio offering “on-the-go” glam services in Brentwood, recently unveiled its haircare counterpart BUBBLE Blow Dry. The blow dry bar trend is not especially new, however, BUBBLE–which is located within the Makeup&Go! studio–offers the unique opportunity to get glam squad treatment at a reasonable price.

I usually get the last minute jitters when someone other than me does my makeup. This must have been evident to my makeup artist, Natalie Vermiglio, because she calmly eased me through the entire process. Vermiglio patiently explained what products she was using and managed to answer all of my annoying questions–all while maintaining a steady hand. She gave me a smoky eye that was intense in person, but subtle in pictures. The makeup artists use Smashbox and Mark products, so any goodies you can’t live without can be purchased online

After my smoky eyes were in place, I ventured over to the hair stations tucked away in the back of the space (yes, my makeup stayed intact while getting my hair done).
Luciana Mazieiro was the unlucky soul who had to tame my parched mane, but she did it in a way that seemed pretty effortless. She attributed her ability to master my dry strands to BUBBLE’s Neil George and Malin+Goetz products. Mazieiro specifically likes Neil George’s Indian Gooseberry Treatment because the ingredients seem to smooth hair without weighing it down. Honestly, I think she was being rather modest. I could never make my hair look as good as she made it look.

From the receptionists to the artists, everybody here seems welcoming. Owner Lori Sale and her uber-chic collaborator Janet Hector have managed to create a beauty and blow dry bar with great pricing, service, and end results. This place is pretty awesome, but don’t fret if you don’t live near Brentwood. Plans are in the works to open up multiple locations across the country.

What do you think of my glamification?

Salon Info:
Bubble Blow Dry/Makeup&Go

13038 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

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