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Oh yeah, I was interviewed on a talk show…

June 23, 2010

I was invited as a guest on a new, indie talk show taped in midtown called Ten Minute Talk Show. Every episode has a theme, and I was asked to talk about food for their “New York City” episode. The fun starts at 3:25.

We taped it back in April. I was super nervous and so not used to be on camera…be nice? Thanks to the crew and production team, you all were super cool :).

Also, can you guess who my picky eater friend is? I started to blank on her laundry list of foods she won’t eat…


13 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I was interviewed on a talk show…

  1. Sarah Khan

    rock star!!! you looked and sounded great, i love being friends with a famous person! so who’s this picky steak-eating, asian-hating friend of yours? she sounds hot. and totally not racist. 😛

  2. priya

    awww shyema! i’m so proud of you!! this is great. i totally know your nervous face so it’s easy to tell just how nervous you were here. but atleast you don’t seem to be shaking here like that one time :)

    as for your picky eater friend, she doesn’t do noodles, sea food, asian food, anything with weird names, not into juices unless it’s mango or tropicana’s fruit punch (from what i’ve observed), no coffee unless it’s cappucinos at cute little cafes in rome etc etc

  3. shyema Post author

    yeah I definitely hid in my shirt the throughout while watching it the first time…I can’t do TV! But thanks anyway frands.

    SK, I have to give you did try the pasta topped with orange in Rome. Although we’ll never hear the end of how terrible it was..

  4. SG

    hahahah….i was so waiting to see this…i love how you had to clarify, BUT I DON’T DISCRIMINATE…

    this was totally not as bad as you made it out to seem…you look good on cam too!

  5. shahla

    aww just saw this! you did a bang- up job babe, and only your friends can pick up on your nerves, i’m pretty sure to the audience you were a natural and they def were receptive towards you. I was cracking up out loud when you alluded to our persnickety( according to the host “weird”) friend.

  6. Kate

    I totally hide in my shirt when I watch the first cut too! You did a great job! Thanks for coming on the show and in reading through those comments, I guess your friend really is a picky eater! 😀

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