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Need a little help with dark circles?

June 24, 2010

Concealing dark under-eye circles is a headache. I think it’s the number one complaint amongst my friends when I do their makeup. I feel your pain…sometimes concealers, eye creams and all just doesn’t cut it. Great news: I found a product that really helps.

It’s kind of a mouthful though: Hello, Sally Hansen Natural Beauty inspired by Carmindy Fast Fix Concealer All-Over Brightener.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty All-Over Brightener

Quick great thing about the Natural Beauty line is it’s paraben-free (a preservative we can do without, yaay!). It also includes natural ingredients like sunflower, mango butter and papaya to smooth your skin.

This purple concealer is pretty unassuming. I’m sure a lot of people would just look at it and have no idea what to even do with it. Don’t let the color scare you — it will cancel out gray and brighten the dark areas. Just dab a little around your eyes until your circles are less visible, and top it with your favorite concealer. I would use a little translucent powder over it for good measure to make sure it doesn’t gather. My other advice is to make sure your eye area is well-moisturized so you don’t look cakey or scaley.

The All Over Brightener is available at for $8.99.


8 thoughts on “Need a little help with dark circles?

  1. vnssa906

    i SO want to buy this RIGHT NOW! :) i cannot stand my heriditary dark under eye circles, and no concealer has ever “concealed” properly lol… thanks for posting this Shy :)

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