Beautifully Delicious Links, 7/2/10

July 2, 2010

Source: Bellasugar

What’s beautiful and delicious lately:

  • New study on the difference between men and women’s grooming – Fashionista
  • How to host a make ahead brunch – Serious Eats
  • The right way to use aloe on your sunburn – Bellasugar
  • A scoop of prosciutto? Why does Jake Godby make such weird ice cream flavors? – The New York Times
  • 9 things in makeup guru Pat McGrath’s travel bag – The Cut
  • The Di Fara t-shirt is now available – Slice
  • Tips to tame frizzy, summer hair – Cosmopolitan
  • Kristen Stewart dishes about her new haircolor – Allure
  • RECIPE: Easy spinach, onion and pine nuts quiche – Hybrid Mom

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