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Beauty Tip of the Day: Use a headband to spice up your look

July 7, 2010

“Spiff up an otherwise “everyday” hairstyle (like a ponytail or messy bun) by teasing the roots at your crown and slipping on a cool headband an inch from your hairline.”Michiko Boorberg, stylist.

Headband from ASOS, $6.76.

Asos, $5

Shop for headbands at

4 thoughts on “Beauty Tip of the Day: Use a headband to spice up your look

  1. AB

    I just started using headbands and it’s such a great way to liven up your hair! Just wanted to add that Forever 21 & H&M have some great flower ones (similar to the Express one) that are much cheaper (around 3-5 bucks). I have them and they are awesome!

  2. shyema Post author

    Oh good tip! I’m exhuming my headbands as well — I thought these ASOS ones would be a lot more expensive but they’re pretty decently priced as well.

  3. Hina

    love them! They’re even stylish for those who wear hijab. gives that ‘volumized’ look when you place it over your scarf. thanks for the style tip

  4. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I love headbands! I’m going to pretend Blair Waldorf has nothing to do with it. Also, as the tip says, they do tend to look better when placed an inch or two above your hairline rather than pulling your whole hair back.

    Another thing to do is to buy a simple headband and then pair it with a separate clip to create your own.

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