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Dove’s new body mist and online correspondents!

July 19, 2010

Dove recently killed two birds with one stone by inviting bloggers to congregate at the top floor of the Hearst building a few weeks ago to meet their new summer correspondents and their brand new line of body mists.

Dove's new fruit-based deodorants and body spray

Dove Deodorant Correspondents: Liesabeth, Maryssa and Kate

We got a chance to talk with the girls before the presentation started. They are some driven and intelligent ladies! Liesabeth, Maryssa and Kate have each been chosen to participate in a unique social media-based summer experience with Dove along with mentors from Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Seventeen magazines. They’ll be blogging all summer at, so please be sure to check them out and give them some feedback. Another incentive? You can enter to win one of the amazing giveaways that will be handed out every week — and trust me, there are things you can use ($50-$200 gifts from Ikea, Best Buy, Coach, etc.).

There was also a presentation from reps of the aforementioned magazine giving us the lowdown on fall beauty trends (flawless skin, cherry lips, simply defined “look-at-me” eyes), fashion trends (shearling, big knits, and 70s rocker is gonna be big) and some of the important differences between body mists and perfume. For example:

  • Body mists offer brighter, livelier notes as opposed to the heavier, floral ones in perfume.
  • Perfumes and body mists use the same ingredients many times but they’re just put together differently. Body mists are intentionally lighter so you reapply more often. Which isn’t a bad thing for you, ladies — we heard from Cosmo that a recent showed that only 63% of men only want a whiff of your fragrance. Translation: don’t go overboard!
  • I’ve been using Dove’s light body mist before I go to the gym and after showers. It’s light and summery and perfect for those times you just need a pick-me-up.

    Speaking of which, just curious, are you a body spray or perfume person in the summer?


    2 thoughts on “Dove’s new body mist and online correspondents!

    1. Jess B.

      I always whip out the body sprays for the summer, perfumes are just too heavy in the summer.

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