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Allure’s hot cover and $725,000 in beauty giveaways

July 24, 2010

By Melissa Stephans

I hate summer because I loathe the heat. Throughout the scorching month of July (108 degrees in Hell-Lay!), I’ve been whining that a miracle from God will have to occur in order for me to make it through August. I think God heard me, because he has delivered–literally. (Ok, credit goes to Conde Nast for this delivery, but whatever.) The August issue of Allure magazine has landed and it’s as beautiful as one of those mid-desert mirages.

You know, those refuges of flowing water? Well, my refuge comes in the shape of a beauty bible that has my all-time favorite stunner Eva Mendes as their cover girl and beauty giveaways galore ($725,000 in beauty booty, to be exact). is reporting that’s 159 different giveaways of 32,358 products, including swag from Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani: Readers can enter the giveaways using Microsoft Tags–2-D bar codes that are scan-able by smart phone. The beauty mag will publish 36 “Tags” that can be ripped out and scanned for a chance to win at anytime.

This might be what we all need to make summer breeze by! Check Allure out for the deets and let us know if you win anything!

[OK and Allure may have totally stole our thunder here, but don’t forget to enter BATF’s giveaway of summer essentials — worth over $190 of fun stuff, including items from LeSportsac]

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