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Mr. Greek Gyros in Chicago, IL

July 27, 2010

A certain unnamed individual got mad at me recently because I don’t ever have pics of Chicago food, even though my family is based there and I go back home often. The reasons though are mostly because, A) I don’t eat out much when I’m home; and B) when I do, I eat embarrassing things, like the following from Mr. Greek Gyro in Greektown:

Philly chicken sandwich

Gyro sandwich

Crispy pizza roll

Cheese smothered fries

The sad part is, everything except the gyro above was my order. I don’t regret any of it, especially that crispy pizza roll. That’s right.

Restaurant Info:
Mr. Greek Gyro

234 S Halsted St,
at W. Quincy St.
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 906-8731


5 thoughts on “Mr. Greek Gyros in Chicago, IL

  1. ssk

    i’d always pass by this place but ended up at jubrano’s on taylor for gyros instead, i think i’ll have to try this next time!

  2. shyema Post author

    We were supposed to go to Jubrano’s that night!! But it was super late at night and that place was closing!

  3. ssk

    if you ever go to jubranos try their gyro cheeseburger, the chipotle chicken wrap or greek salad w/ chicken – all really good! their chicken is a little dry sometimes, but the service is reallly great there :)

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